About Angela


Office Manager

Angela C. Leaman is responsible for the smooth day to day operation of Medical Claim-Aid. She has direct supervisory control of the 11 other employees and training of any new employees. She is also primarily responsible for the electronic filing of all Medicare and Medicaid claims, weekly credit reports and payments to the clients. Angela has an excellent rapport with our clients and interfaces with them for missing information requests, clarification and verification issues, reports and other necessary information. She has been with Medical Claim Aid for over 12 years. She handles many functions in the office including coding, posting payments, sending electronic claims, as well as call and patient data entry. Angela is a seasoned phone representative whose pleasant demeanor and winning smile helps to resolve difficult and frustrating issues with patients and insurance companies. Angela has attended billing seminars in Maryland and Pennsylvania and represented Medical Claim-Aid at several vendor opportunities. Angela and her family live in Felton, Delaware.