EMS Billing & Claims Processing

Medical Claim-Aid (MCA) downloads the patient’s ambulance reports directly from the ImageTrend EMS Service Bridge (a memorandum of understanding is on file with MIEMSS). 

A completed signature form is required from the patient or agent. This form would also be transmitted to MCA with the hospital face sheet, if possible. We contact the hospital to work out a plan to receive this information. 

Once we have all the required forms, we:

  • Obtain missing patient demographics, including insurance information as needed.
  • Coordinate details with the coding staff.
  • Enter and process patient and call data. (Medicare, and some Medicaid, claims are electronically processed).
  • Bill for insurance and self-pay (weekly).
  • Invoice on a weekly rotating basis, with each patient billed monthly.  
  • Coordinates all benefits between primary and secondary payors to insure full recovery of the claims.  
  • Appeals Medicare and insurance denials upon request by the patient, or immediately when processing errors are discovered.  
  • Provide additional information as required by the insurance companies.
  • Request hearings as necessary.
  • Process payments received.
  • Send weekly payment and credit reports to EMS service providers.
  • Refund payments when overpaid.

The EMS service provider stays in control of their billing program at all times. They set the fees and decide on hardship write-offs. 

Messages on invoices can be personalized to reflect any style of billing and collections the EMS provider prefers.