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About Reg and Cathy

Earnest R. J. and Cathy L. Carter are two of the corporate officers of Carter Professional Services, Inc. They are the management team of Medical Claim-Aid and oversee the daily operation of their busy staff. In business since 1989, they are widely respected in the EMS community as a hard-working and industrious couple. Reg handles all monthly, quarterly and yearly reports and Medicare appeals as well as many administrative details. Cathy is responsible for completing the intricate Medicare, Medicaid and all other provider application, client policy issues (including HIPAA and Compliance Programs), insurance appeals and inquiries. Both have attended AAA Medicare Reimbursement conferences all over the country. Reg and Cathy have been asked to sit on many panels on billing issues rendering expert opinions on the billing aspects and ramifications on EMS.  

Cathy has taught over 75 documentation seminars which MIEMMS has recognized with certification hours for EMS providers. She testified at a CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services) hearing on the critical need for the condition codes which were implemented in March, 2006. Reg and Cathy Carter worked for over two years to successfully pass into law HB83, which was signed into law in May, 2012 by Governor O’Malley. This legislation requires insurance companies to make payment directly to the provider, rather than the patient. Governor Larry Hogan signed into law the repeal of the sunset clause of this legislation, which now makes the law permanent effective July 1, 2015.

Reg is a former volunteer fire fighter with insurance processing and medical collection experience exceeding 28 years. Cathy has worked in the medical billing and collection field for the past 28 years. Formerly she was legal and accounting secretary, a direct sales manager for a large corporation, busy mother and volunteer in community and church events. Both Reg and Cathy have a long standing history with the volunteer fire and rescue communities in their native Anne Arundel county and their adopted home of the Eastern Shore, where they have lived and worked for the past 39 years. They have been married for 44 years; have two children and six grandchildren.